Our members of Congress have the ability to slow and solve climate change through the policies they create. With every election, you have a unique opportunity to vote for a candidate who will act on climate.

We’re a nonpartisan group that provides information about where the candidates stand on climate change, so you have the information you need to vote climate.


David Abroms (R)

No stated climate change position, but Abrom’s energy position is stated on his website:

Promotes American-sourced natural gas and free market energy production: With so much abundant, clean, and American-produced energy available, it’s a shame that we continue to rely on expensive and politically risky petroleum products from overseas. That’s why my career and my passion has been focused on using American energy to displace and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

America has been blessed with tremendous energy resources in this country. In fact, by some estimates we have the largest oil reserves of any nation in the world. America isn’t limited to oil when it comes to energy production, though. Natural gas, which we have in abundance, is a domestic, affordable, and clean fuel that has made manufacturing more competitive because of low energy costs. Solar power is an increasingly efficient, clean, and affordable energy option, and wind-generated energy is already a competitive form of energy in much of the country.

Here’s what I know from my experiences running an energy company: We need to get government out of the way by reducing restrictive energy regulations and allowing the free market to foster innovation and bring affordable, clean American energy technologies to the mass market. These innovations will make energy cheaper, boost our economy, create jobs, and make us safer by disentangling us from OPEC.


Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan (R)

No stated climate change position. Supports an “environmentally responsible domestic energy policy.”


Ragin Edwards (D)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Keith Grawert (R)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Bob Gray (R)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Karen Handel (R) (proceeds to June 20th runoff election)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Alexander Hernandez (I)

No stated energy position. On Twitter, Hernandez said that he considers climate change the number one threat to national security and that we must act now.


Judson Hill (R)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Dr. Richard Keatley (D)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Amy Kremer (R)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Bruce LeVell (R)

No stated climate change or energy position.


William Llop (R)

No stated climate change or energy position


Dan Moody (R)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Jon Ossoff (D) (proceeds to June 20th runoff election)

Ossoff’s climate and environmental positions are stated on his website:

Jon will be informed by scientists, not lobbyists, when it comes to environmental policy, and he will work to make Georgia a clean energy economic powerhouse.

There is a clear scientific consensus that climate change is driven by human activity and that it threatens global prosperity, health, and security. This is not just the opinion of activists; it is the studied conclusion of our country’s distinguished scientists. Our military and intelligence agencies agree. Jon will oppose efforts to undo the climate change agreement reached last year in Paris and will work to make the United States a global leader against climate change. Clean air and clean water are not controversial. They are essential to our health, our prosperity, and our quality of life.  Jon will oppose and investigate failures to enforce environmental laws. He will support our national parks and work to conserve America’s treasured wildlife and natural beauty.


Andre Pollard (I)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Dr. Rebecca Quigg (D)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Ron Slotin (D)

Slotin’s environmental and energy positions are stated on his website:

Together, we must protect our clean water, clean air and green spaces. Our district is bountiful with trees, parks, rivers and outdoor life. We must support alternative energy sources. Ron will support tax credits for electrical vehicles and solar energy for our homes and businesses. He will also advocate for the Clean Power Plan to protect our air quality for generations to come.


Kurt Wilson (R)

No stated climate change or energy position.


Our members of Congress are in the best position to solve climate change. Know where your candidates stand on climate change—and vote climate!


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