All U.S. congressional districts, including the 6th Congressional district of Georgia (GA06), are holding midterm elections on November 6, 2018.

Below are the GA06 candidates challenging incumbent Karen Handel (R). See the candidates’ positions on climate change, below, and in the May 22nd primary and November 6th general electionsvote climate!



Kevin Abel (D) – Runoff Election is July 24th

Abel addresses climate change in his position statement on the environment.

We cannot continue to deny science. Climate change is a real and imminent threat to our environment and our economy. I strongly support the United States re-entering the Paris Agreement and will fight to make sure we are taking the proper steps needed to negate the effects of climate change on our environment. Congress must support the building of an innovative green economy that will create new jobs and allow us to transition from our dependence on fossil fuels in favor of sustainable clean energy sources. Renewable energy creates more new jobs today than oil, gas and coal, and investing in the green sector is not just common sense, but economic sense.

He also emphasizes the importance of tackling climate change while discussing the Cape Town, South Africa water crisis:

Lest we believe that the consequences of denying climate science are the problems of other countries on continents far away, we need only take stock of this week’s Senate 2-year budget deal that includes $90 billion in disaster relief responding to the hurricanes and wildfires of 2017.

It is inconceivable that an issue of established science has become a political football, but here we are, partnered with Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries sitting outside the Paris Climate Agreement.

When will we recognize that when politics trumps reason, we all lose?


NOTE: Syria and Nicaragua have joined the Paris Climate Agreement. The United States is the only country that is rejecting the global effort to solve climate change.



Lucy McBath (D) – Runoff Election is July 24th

McBath currently does not have a position statement on climate change.



Steven Knight Griffin (D)

Griffin’s climate change policy is on his website:

Climate Change Policy
I support the scientific consensus: humans are the primary drivers of global warming. I believe it is both humanity’s duty and obligation to future generations to be good stewards of nature and ensure we do not destroy our one and only home.

Economic growth is not inherently incompatible with sustainability, so long as we act (locally, nationally and globally) to mitigate our impact immediately. The longer we wait, the more resources will need to be diverted from mitigation and prevention to disaster recovery, resource extraction and political/military stabilization, and the more that happens, the more unrealistic prospects for growth and stability become. Bluntly, a warmer world will feed global conflict and exacerbate the already troubling trend towards authoritarianism.

Though I have a lot of thoughts on this, and many are captured in other sections, Project Drawdown has some excellent ideas.



Bobby Kaple (D)

Kaple addresses climate change in his position statement on the environment.

Scientists agree: climate change is real and poses a serious threat to every Georgian’s way of life. It is disappointing that our representation refuses to step up to the plate as a global leader in preserving our world for the next generation. Bobby will:

  • Stop Oil Drilling in Continental-Shelf Waters: We cannot recklessly expand oil drilling to almost all U.S. continental-shelf waters. Georgia is not only home to one third of the East Coast’s salt marshes critical for maintaining shrimp and fish populations, but also our state is home to various endangered marine species. Bobby firmly stands against this thoughtless decision.
  • Invest in Clean Energy: Solar and wind power represent the cutting edge of energy innovation. We need to support renewable and clean energy growth and ensure that Georgia is doing its part to stop climate change.
  • Protect National Parks: We have to stand up for the bountiful beauty that’s been bestowed upon our country. Bobby supports protecting our National Parks and Monuments from redesignati

When the Democratic Party asked Kaple to name his top three parties, he identified climate change as his third priority:

3. Scientists agree: climate change is real and poses a serious threat to every Georgian’s way of life. It is disappointing that the White House refuses to step up and be a global leader when it comes to preserving our world for the next generation. As President Trump removes environmental protections with the stroke of a pen, Republicans in Congress have moved in lock-step to fasten these rollbacks into legislation. We need representatives that will fight these dangerous policies and prioritize protecting our environment through legislation.




Carlton Heston (I)

When asked about his climate change and energy positions on Facebook, Heston responded:

I side with the science on climate change, but I don’t have an entirely comprehensive personal position on how to solve it. My closest personal comment is that if someone does things which cause damage to the value of the land and natural resources, the negative effects of this could potentially be worked into the Land Value Tax (for damages) or simply penalized. I prefer these options to a carbon tax or tax incentive. I also think we should rely less on cars and invest in better and more accessible public transit. I think it’s important that, as a society, we make it understood in our policy that everyone relies on the Earth and damage done to its livability is damage done to humankind.

I have a hunch that the best way to move forward on energy is through investment in public research and implementation of previous research. Oil isn’t forever, and I oppose policies built to benefit petroleum companies. As with climate change, I’d like to hear what the experts have to say about how to move forward. I think we’ve been stalling on renewable energy, and I’d be more than open to any ideas to turn that around.


Our members of Congress are in the best position to solve climate change. Know where your candidates stand on climate change—and vote climate!


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