In the May 22, 2018 primary election, no GA06 Democratic candidate received 50% of the vote, so on July 24, 2018, there will be a Democratic runoff election between the top two candidates—Kevin Abel (D) and Lucy McBath (D). See their views on climate, energy and the environment, below.

The winner will run against incumbent Rep. Karen Handel (R) in the November 6, 2018 midterm election.



Kevin Abel (D) will run against Lucy McBath (D) in the July 24, 2018 Democratic primary runoff election.


Position statement on the environment

Abel addresses climate change in his position statement on the environment:

We cannot continue to deny science. Climate change is a real and imminent threat to our environment and our economy. I strongly support the United States re-entering the Paris Agreement and will fight to make sure we are taking the proper steps needed to negate the effects of climate change on our environment. Congress must support the building of an innovative green economy that will create new jobs and allow us to transition from our dependence on fossil fuels in favor of sustainable clean energy sources. Renewable energy creates more new jobs today than oil, gas and coal, and investing in the green sector is not just common sense, but economic sense.

Watch Abel speak about climate change.

He also emphasizes the importance of tackling climate change while discussing the Cape Town, South Africa water crisis:

Lest we believe that the consequences of denying climate science are the problems of other countries on continents far away, we need only take stock of this week’s Senate 2-year budget deal that includes $90 billion in disaster relief responding to the hurricanes and wildfires of 2017.

It is inconceivable that an issue of established science has become a political football, but here we are, partnered with Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries sitting outside the Paris Climate Agreement.

When will we recognize that when politics trumps reason, we all lose?


NOTE: Syria and Nicaragua have joined the Paris Climate Agreement. The United States is the only country that is rejecting the global effort to solve climate change.



Lucy McBath (D) will run against Kevin Abel (D) in the July 24, 2018 Democratic primary runoff election.


Position statement on the environment

McBath address climate change in her position statement on the environment:

Climate change represents an existential threat to our environment. I agree with the Department of Defense: climate change is one of the most urgent national security issues of our time. The science of climate change is conclusive and indisputable: humans are the principal cause of it and our planet is warming at an extremely alarming rate. In Congress, I will fight for larger investments into alternative, clean sources of fuel, and I will support legislation that would increase subsidies for homeowners who wish to utilize solar and other forms of energy.

I also am unequivocally opposed to offshore drilling off our pristine Georgia coasts. While international oil interests stand to benefit, the Georgia economy and environment will suffer as a result.

That is why I am wholeheartedly against the Trump environmental agenda. I join the growing chorus of those calling for the resignation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who is the embodiment of the graft and corruption that we see all too frequently coming out of Washington, DC. Perhaps more importantly, Mr. Pruitt works every day to systematically destroy environmental safeguards that protect our water and air. He must be removed.


Our members of Congress are in the best position to solve climate change. Know where your candidates stand on climate change—and vote climate!


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