All U.S. congressional districts, including the 12th Congressional district of Georgia (GA12), are holding midterm elections on November 6, 2018.

Below are the GA12 candidates challenging incumbent Rep. Rick Allen (R). See the candidates’ positions on climate change, below, and in the May 22nd primary and November 6th general elections—vote climate!



Francys Johnson (D) – Primary Winner

Johnson does not have a position statement on climate change.



Eugene Yu (R)

Yu does not have a position statement on climate change.

On his website, he states that, “We need all of the energy that we can get to fuel industry, so this stupid war on coal, oil, and natural gas has to end.”

He also comments that he will guide Washington to “…eliminate job killing regulations…”


Robert Ingham (D)

A candidate website is not available, but there is some online information about Ingham’s candidacy. They do not include his positions on issues:

Vote Smart: Robert Ingham, Jr.

12th District Congressional Forum Recap



Trent Nesmith (D)

Nesmith addresses fossil fuels and energy in his statement about A Green America:

It’s never been more important to protect our natural resources for future generations while integrating emerging sustainable energy systems that make how we live, work, and play healthier for people and the environment. Therefore, I pledge to put clean water, air, energy, coasts and land use at the forefront of consideration of legislative priorities and stand in opposition to environmentally harmful and abusive efforts that plunder our natural resources merely to exploit fossil fuels and profits thereof. Environmentally conscious, efficient renewable energy can be good for our economy and great for the opportunities ahead of our children and grandchildren so I look forward to championing the political will for these causes on your behalf.


Nesmith talks about his vision of a greener America:


Mary West (I)

Additional information is not available.


Our members of Congress are in the best position to solve climate change. Know where your candidates stand on climate change—and vote climate!


Francys Johnson (D)

Johnson does not have a position statement on climate change.