Rep. Tom Graves (R) currently represents residents of Georgia’s 14th Congressional district (GA14) in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Graves is running against challenger Steven Foster (D) in the November 6, 2018 midterm election.


No position statement on climate change

Graves does not have a position statement on climate change.

Graves supports the construction of TransCanada’s controversial Keystone XL Pipeline:

I applaud President Trump for advancing the Keystone XL Pipeline, which Republicans in Congress pushed the Obama administration to approve for years. Construction of the pipeline will support more than 40,000 jobs and add billions of dollars to our economy. It was subject to five safety and environmental reviews by the State Department, and is even supported by labor unions. This action will make a real difference to all of the Americans who will have the opportunity to work and support their families as a result of this pipeline.

NOTE: Independent studies conclude the pipeline would create only a few thousand temporary jobs and a few dozen permanent jobs. A State Department report “found that there would be 3,900 direct construction jobs if it was built over one year, or 1,950 if the work was spread over two years. Once the pipeline opens it would require only 35 full-time permanent jobs to run it, and 15 full-time temporary jobs.”

If built, the pipeline would bring the risk of oil spills as it cuts through sensitive U.S. terrain and water supplies to carry dirty tar sands oil from Canada to Texas. Tar sands oil is one of the world’s most carbon-laden fossil fuels. It releases at least 17 percent more carbon dioxide than standard crude oil.

In the post, Fighting for Conservative Values, Graves notes that:

We’ve taken major, positive steps in other areas as well:
– Cut the EPA’s staffing level to its lowest level since 1989.


Anti-environmental voting record

Graves’ voting record shows a history of casting anti-environmental votes.



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